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It is sometimes difficult to think of ICT as being anything beyond a computer or an iPad, but ICT in EYFS takes on many different forms and can be promoted in all areas of continuous provision – and beyond.

Undoubtedly there has to be a taught element of ICT, but as many aspects as possible should be integrates into the Continuous Provision that we create to make it real and relevant to children.


ICT should be viewed as a tool that will support all of our teaching and learning, rather than just a single focus for teaching. As well as getting children to be familiar with the ‘operation’ of equipment we need to try and ensure that they can access, experiment and practise with various forms of ICT in their play.

  IMG_0887Nice bit of hairdrier action in a deconstructed role play hairdressers!

The world of ICT moves forward at an ever increasing rate and often we find that children’s skills in operating equipment are just as good, if not better than ours! There is no shame in adults being learning partners with children when it comes to experimenting with new gadgets. After all to teach someone else can be the most powerful way to learn.

I watch my pre-school Niece and Nephews navigating their way around an IPad or playing apps on my iPhone and I am struck by how accomplished they are performing tasks that some adults find challenging. We cannot underestimate the high level of ICT capability that our very young children have. We need to make sure we acknowledge it and reflect it in our environments and planning.

 When showing my 2 year old Niece a picture (in a frame) of my boys when they were little, she swiped her finger across the glass and asked me why the picture didn’t change! Many young children have high expectations of the level of ICT that should exist in their little worlds.

IMG_1922 Sometimes one iPad just isn't enough!

Having said that ICT is SO much more than an iPad or a computer. ICT in everywhere around children in many different guises. We need to help them to recognise it, explore it and apply it to their investigation and play.

Lots of you will already be familiar with programmable toys like Bee -Bot. These have many uses and children really enjoy working with them. Ideally, alongside a focussed input, this sort of toy should be part of your Continuous Provision, so that children can access them in their free play.


When we are thinking about areas like Role Play, think about including ICT resources that children will experience in their everyday life. Has your role play area got a cashpoint machine (a cardboard box with a slot)? Does your ‘shopping’ enhancement box have a self service till? Does your restaurant enhancement box have a chip and pin card reader and calculators for working out the bill?


Anyone who has ever been on a staff night out will know that you have to allow at least an hour at the end of the meal to work out how much it will be per person (‘but I didn’t have a starter’…’I only had one glass of wine’…’we shared a desert, so can you split the cost between three’…)!

If you haven’t got the real thing (there aren’t many spare cash machines knocking around) then you can make it. Better still get the children to make it. There is huge fascination though, for children with ‘the real thing’, so if you can, go real.


Effective ICT is also good for helping children to develop creative and critical thinking. Operating and applying the technology that they come across helps them to make sense of what they are experiencing and also make new connections about how things work and how they can use them.

Try to keep your ICT experiences relevant and meaningful to children. If it matters to them and engages them then they are far more likely to learn.

One really effective and engaging way for children to learn about how things work  is to take them apart. I guarantee that you will get huge levels of engagement from children if you provide them with a selection of screwdrivers and a pile of ‘stuff’ to unscrew. (Obviously, remove any really dangerous bits!)




Switches, wires, circuits, connectors, bulbs, batteries – it is all there waiting to be discovered and tinkered with.

With a clever bit of recycling you can even create something new. You might need to raid the Y2 electricity topic box – just don't tell them!


Snack is another great opportunity to get children using ICT. They might be using an electric timer to demarcate how long they can spend in the snack area, a bread maker to make their snack, a toaster to toast their bread, an electric apple peeler, a juicer or a talking tin to give them a talk prompt the possibilities are endless.


Bread making


Using 'easy to follow' instructions.


Nursery and Reception children self serving toast

You can have endless fun at the photocopier (as long as the Office Manager isn’t looking!). I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t get a bit giddy when they get to press the big green button and have a copy of whatever they put under the lid pop out of the other end.  Try copying their hands to create a number line.


Lots of settings have a Visualiser now, but if you haven’t got one, you might want to consider it. You can attach it to your lap top and your Smartboard. Anything the children put underneath it gets magnified. Great for sharing interesting ‘stuff’.


Equipment like metal detectors are relatively cheap and highly engaging both indoors and out. Just make sure that whatever they are looking for is worth finding. No one wants to find a word card with a paper clip in the corner!


 Simple video cameras are very easy to get hold of these days. There is also lots of really simple software out there that lets children turn their videoing into short films. There is something VERY empowering about being in charge of a video camera or camera. It gives children a sense of power in that they can capture images that are important to them.


Video cameras and cameras are also a really good social prop for children who are shy or lack language, because they give a valid and accepted reason to approach other children and engage.


A video also allows children to re-visit and reflect. This can be a very useful and enjoyable thing for children to do.

If you are in a setting with a working kitchen then try and make as much use of that as possible. Not just when it comes to ‘baking’ but work with the children to use the other electrical items that are in there like the washing machine, the microwave and the dishwasher (if your setting is dead posh!).



Bring in from home items that children might be less familiar with like a sewing machine. They will be fascinated by how it works.


Make sure you let them have a go. Under supervision of course!



You can also add to your everyday provision with equipment like a light box, torches, microphones, remote control vehicles, voice changers, talking tins, torches, listening centres, headphones, karaoke machines…the list is literally endless.




This is a 'black light' torch. It makes highlighter pen water, tonic water and anything white glow in the dark!

Don’t forget that if you have access to two laptops/computers and an internet signal you can Skype or Facetime either from the room next door or get your friend's school to do it from the other side of your County, the Country or even the World.

I am working on a project at the moment using Xbox and Wii in Early Years, with some fantastic results – but more of that in a longer post at a later date!

ICT can bring really high levels of engagement, learning and interest from children. There is so much out there, make sure you have plenty of it in your setting and LET THE CHILDREN USE IT. It is no good it is still in the stock cupboard.


To help you along with your ICT provision. The lovely people at TTS are donating quite a spectacular ICT package for this month's giveaway.


You can win a set of these Mini Mobile Phones worth £119. They were Shortlisted for BETT Awards 2014 – Early Years Digital Content – Category


These six walkie-talkies, realistically styled like the latest smartphones with bright colours are a fantastic addition to your ICT resources.

So simple to use, they are ideal for outdoor play or even used from room to room.

  • Up to three pairs of children can speak to each other simultaneously, each having their own conversation without the need to select different channels.
  • Colour coordinated buttons make 'dialling' easy. Simply press the button that corresponds to the phone you want to call. If the other phone is busy, you get a realistic 'call waiting' function.

Answering is simple – just press the 'answer' button and talk, just like you would with a real phone. Children can talk together naturally and enjoy real conversations without pressing extra buttons to talk or listen.

If that wasn’t enough, they are also letting me have 2 sets of Walkie Talkie Headsets worth £38.34 each. These headsets allow the children to communicate with each other whilst on the move or from their secret hideout!  Or, if the fancy takes you, you can use them to chat to the person on outdoor provision! (If you win, you will need 2x9v batteries per headset which are not included in the giveaway.)



So, all you have to do to stand a chance of winning the set of mobile phones and the two sets of headphones is:

Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post and/or

Leave me a tweet @ABCDoes and/or

Leave a comment on the ABC Does Facebook page here

All comments and Tweets must be made by noon on Saturday 1st February 2014. The winner will be selected using a random number generator.

Good Luck


adminICT in Early Years AND a TTS Giveaway!

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  1. KathD

    I would love to win the mobile phones, please consider me, setting identified ICT as an area for future development. Thank you.

  2. Linda pritchard

    Fantastic! A wonderful way to increase communication skills as well as a practical ICT resource!

  3. Helen jones

    What a fab give away! My class love taking photographs of each other, we have lots of pictures around the room of funny faces! They love taking photos of their work, models, imaginative lands, not to mention snapping unflattering photos of the staff!!

  4. melanie cooper

    Inspiring as always! We have just bought some of your books and this would just add to what we are trying to achieve

  5. janesmyth41@yahoo.co.uk

    Such great ideas! I have spent a lot of time developing the outdoors, that I now realise a missing link in ICT. Any of these provisions would greatly benefit my setting and make a start to developing this sadly lacking area…

  6. Charlotte Hewitt

    Loving all the ict equipment! My children would love this to help prepare them for the new computing curriculum in the future.

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    Fab… As usual! I know some children, especially a group of boys who would adore these! Would love to win :)

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    Would love to win this as a school with a fab early years team who would benifit so so much from it with little funding available

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  10. Quinnhiuse@hotmail.co.uk

    My children love using plastic mobile phones, would love them to be able to communicate for real in the outdoors. Fingers crossed!

  11. Quinnhouse@hotmail.co.uk

    My children love using plastic mobiles outside, would love them to be able to communicate for real outdoors, for real. Fingers crossed.

  12. Tracy Cutts

    Hello, wow what a great give away to the lucky person. My EYFS children would love and appreciate winning these gifts. We are moving forward to be outside more and the Children’s language skills could be developed in a practical fun way. Good luck to the winner but would love it if it was us xxx

  13. Loumcgarry@blueyonder.co.uk

    Would love 2 win these 4 my nursery as we are very aware that ict is lacking and the kids know more than us! Help us move on with them…! X

  14. Vikki Thompson

    We are desperate for some quality ict in our foundation stage. These are something that the children we have at the moment would love!!!!

  15. Andrea Hill

    It would be great for our setting as we are a charity run pre school. We have just had our ofsted and this would be great as a thank you to the children at the pre school who are fabulous and help us achieve our goal outstanding.

  16. Maggie Murray

    I look forward to making a workshop where we can pull things apart :) and hopefully playing with our new mobile phones and headphones.

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    Some fab ideas, I’m going to get my TA to sneak some children into the office to photocopy their hands first thing on Monday!

  20. shorties@btinternet.com

    Please, please, please yes please. Communication is key to developing language skills which a number of children we have in our setting do not have……

  21. Claire P

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    Once again a truly inspirational blog from ABC DOES… Thank you.
    Keeping our fingers crossed.

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    My school would love to play with these in our classroom and outdoor area! Fingers crossed as our children would think it was christmas again!

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    This is fab info ive just been put in charge of ICT and TTS have such a great range of stuff i have looked at these but been outside of the budget so would love to win them for my setting!!

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    We really need an ict focus at the setting where i work so this would be a great kick-start!!!!

  32. alice preston

    ahh, as a small school with English as a second language for the majority of our children Communication and language and speaking and listening skills is always a main focus. These would be a lovely activity to promote talk. Please consider us! Thank-you :o)

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    we desperately need to update our ICT provision, especially after taking the radical move of getting rid of all our old and unreliable PC’s that just locked the boys into playing endless pointless games and were impossible to manage effectively. We havnt quite dared let them take them to bits yet, but have found the keyboards are used more now they are in the writing/role play area ;D

  37. Josaim

    Can’t wait to try some of these ideas out!! Thank you again for a fab read and if the Walkie talkies and phones end up coming my way they will be GREATLY appreciated by the little people in our setting.
    Thanks Alistair!!!

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    We would love to win this ICT giveaway to impact on all the children in our setting. It is nearly as exciting as the gadget show giveaways!!!

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    ICT provision in our early years setting is a constant challenge with no budget to spend this year we would LOVE these please!

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    My F2 children would love those walkie talkies! Speech and language is always an are we are seeking to improve through continuous provision and these would be a fantastic addiction to our resources! Thanks for another great post as always, I have my screwdrivers and old keyboards at the ready for next week! Jenny Carter

  43. gunn4@hotmail.co.uk

    We love using real technology; photocopier, washing machine, toaster, intercom and most recently the phone to order pizza after our child initiated pizza role play!

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    Yes please! My minded 3 and 4 year olds would love a resource as cool as this! Thanks for the opportunity.

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    That is an amazing giveaway! Our children and staff would love those! Love the ideas on your blog for ict.

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    Amazing. Our team were only discussing the need for these very items as part of our improving ICT provision today. What a great idea for walkie talkies that look like modern mobile phones. The children in our class have been firefighters all this week in our outdoor area. One child told me the ear flaps on his hat were “a microphone so I can talk to the other firemen cos I’m the boss!” He would have loved to use one of the headset microphones and really talk to his friends. What a great enhancement to the children’s learning these items would be.

  49. Mandy smith

    I’m so often impressed by the ability of my small people especially using ICT. it is their fearlessness that I’d wish for myself .

  50. Sylvia

    Love the cashpoint idea and I’ve just thought of another one – an intruder alarm keypad, could make one with numbered bottle tops and children key in a code whenever they go out, we are working on two digit numbers this term, code could be 16 12 and change every week – and the code could be on a talking postcard – oh you’ve got me going now! Still would like to win the freebies though.

  51. karen_mcconkey@hotmail.com

    Lovely resource – my little lot are obsessed by the plastic play mobile phones, having little conversations with each other with them … these ‘real’ ones would be a fantastic extension of their play

  52. Jo wright

    As we are lacking a working computer and have yet to have the lastest must have- the IPad. These Wilkie talkies’ would really improve our setting. Fingers crossed!!!

  53. sara

    It great to see ICT being used in the real world not just computers. Thanks for such great info. once again. The walkie talkies look great and so easy to use.

  54. Charlotte

    EYFS tends to get overlooked here at my school so the children would really love these. It would be good not to have the battery problem and the children actually be able to interact with each other with them.

  55. Sherron

    Wow these are a great resource-Would have been a perfect enhancement last week when one child in our setting was talking on the pretend phones(we had one each) then said to me”You wait, I go outside and talk to you!” then came back in saying “you didn’t answer”

  56. christine davies

    So little money…………….it would be nice for our children to experience new resources instead of cardboard copies!!!!

  57. Elizabeth P

    I’ve recently discovered that many children in my class have a love for technology and with little resources available these would be perfect!!!

  58. Clare Swanepoel

    Thanks for the reminder, had forgotten how much fun it is to take things to pieces – definitely going to include this.

  59. Louise Brown

    Not visited ABC Does before it has some fab ideas can’t wait to investigate further. Would love to win ICT giveaways for our setting.

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    would absolutely love this for our preschool would be a real boost for our ict play so please add me to draw

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    Yes please. Please consider us for the resources. No budget this year! We have set up funky fingers provision daily in rec and continuous in nursery….loving it! We were ‘writing like a rabbit’ with carrots last week!!!
    Thanks for all the amazing inspiration!

  62. Gemma

    This would be a great prize for us. We’re in a really small village school with no money and I’m always looking for things to enhance the technology in the classroom as we have very little. Fingers crossed!

  63. Mark

    Your givaway is great but all the ideas and the passion for what you do is even greater. Thank you. You have helped me (as a school leader with little prior EYFS understanding) develop my knowlegde and passion for what EY’s is all about. Ta v much and keep it up.

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    Thank you
    Claire Lester

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    Thanks vannessa

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  67. Sarah H

    This is so helpful. I am a Reception Teacher and the new ICT co-ordination for school…I am always looking for really fun and interesting ICT resources for EYFS which will inevitably help them throughout the rest of school once the new computing curriculum comes into force. I’ve been writing an action plan for EY ICT and you’ve saved me a huge job here! The mobile phones are a great idea- especially for those children with S&L issues.

  68. Jenny Farr

    Thank you, I really struggle to think of ideas for ICT beyond just getting out the iPads or doing things on the whiteboard. Some really good ideas here, I look forward to trying them out.

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    Would love to win em for the fantastic children who attend Washacre EYU …… PLEASE xx

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  77. Gill

    I will be taking this blog entry into my university on Monday as we are looking at ICT and the EYFS at the moment. The activities that involve children and ICT are great too as an EYTS student I am looking for activities that children will like to participate in doing and to promote independence too. The resources look amazing too so one might have to be lucky or start saving up for resources like these :)

  78. Heidi

    Great article- this weeks mission to get the team to utilise rather than lock the kitchen! Simple genius!
    So right about us being learning partners with the children. I now realise reflecting on links I can make in my own learning along with the children will step up my practisers ICT.
    PS- Pick me! Pick me! (My hand would be up with pointy finger if we weren’t a no hands up school!)

  79. janine nesbitt

    Brilliant resources I saw them being used this week in a school I visited and the children loved them as did the adults it was great to see such lively conversation and interaction by all. Would love to do the same at my setting!

  80. becky

    It’s so easy to get bogged down with standard ICT like Ipads and computers, some fantastic and easy to apply ideas here! The walkie talkies are just brilliant

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    As many places find, having the funds to resource Early Years / Foundation Stage Units is always difficult. It would be a fantastic resource for our Foundation Unit, we have many children, especially boys, with communication and language issues, who at present walk around with building blocks as ‘mobile phones’ in their pockets. It would be wonderful to watch them intract with each other, and be able to hear each other while in different classrooms and/or outside. The ideas you have shared are so clear and cover so many aspects, we will definitely be putting them to good use. Thank you.

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  93. Elaine Fallon

    meanwood primary, Rochdale have just finished developing their outdoor area and a set of walkie talkies would help develop our childrens language and communication. children outside could encourage children who don’t often use the outdorrs, to come and join them by talking over the waves and explain what they are missing in the great outdoors.

  94. Jenny

    Such fantastic ideas! Our ICT provision is sadly lacking, but your ideas have given my hope for non computer/ smart board options! Winning these provisions would greatly benefit my children :-)

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    Would love to be considered for the giveaway, I have heard wonderful things about these resources.

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    Thank you.

  103. Rosanna

    We’d love to win these! Our setting’s goals this year are to develop ICT and these resources would really help. We’re just getting to grips with the iPads and looking for new and interesting ways to use them, so this post has been very useful, thanks!

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    I have at least three children who would really benefit from these…
    And it would fill an IT shaped hole in our provision.

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  108. Abbey - Dizzy's Day Nursey

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  109. angc1021

    wow these would be great especially when the children want to communicate between the garden and the classroom

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  111. Ann Landrum

    Checking out your site after a brilliant inspiring day with you at the Floral Pavilion. Thank you Alistair for your advice and ideas. We have the 9v batteries ready……just hope to win.

  112. Lorraine S

    Dear Mr ABC, what an amazing give away and such fab ideas. I’ve only just discovered you and your site after going on a leadership course last week and other EYFS leaders were raving about you. Anyway my head has booked me onto your London conference so can’t wait for that! Here’s hoping I’m lucky with the give away.
    Many thanks for all the ideas and inspiration, my head is buzzing with ideas!

  113. Nicola

    The children would love these at Larchwood…we are top heavy with boys so would be a great addition t our resources. I’m pretty sure the chatterbox girls would love them too! :-D thanks for a great blog, it definitely gets your brain thinking about the best you can do for every child.

  114. Alison Vincent

    Hi Alistair Thanks for the ideas for ICT as it is one of my targets for this year. Love the idea of the walkie talkies ( would love to win them)and am also investigating useful apps for our new i pad. I started out looking at the mud kitchen and 3 other articles later am still going.You’ve also made me think more carefully about the tools in our continuous provision.

  115. Paula Snodin

    Some fantastic ideas – now on the look out for something the children can set about taking to pieces with a screwdriver.

  116. Lucy Coleman

    Some great ideas there, and so true that there is so much more to ICT… we just forget! We have the mobile phones and the children love them! Another set would be fantastic!
    Fingers crossed!

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