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This week I have got a brilliant outdoor structure to giveaway courtesy of Oliver from Cool Canvas. I have seen Oliver's amazing outdoor structures in use in a number of settings and they really do enhance the outdoor space whilst challenging children's learning and experience.

Before I tell you how you can win, here is a bit of information about Oliver, Cool Canvas and that very exciting outdoor construction platform…

SelfieOliver Wotherspoon designs and creates bespoke, open-ended play environments across the UK. His unique designs are rapidly becoming renowned nationwide as must have children's outdoor areas.

As a boy, Oliver worked alongside his dad in the landscape gardening trade and enjoyed driving from job to job in a classic series 2A Land Rover with the two becoming affectionately known as 'The well spoken Gypsies'. These formative years together with a deep love for the Isle of Arran and the Lake District formed over family holidays as a child, ignited his passion for working both in and with the natural environment.

Following his graduation in Fine Art in 2002, Oliver began working in local schools developing art and landscaping projects that involved both children and teaching staff in a 'hands-on' capacity whilst simultaneously enabling Oliver to gain an understanding of the National Curriculum.

While Oliver's work has continued to progress organically over the past decade, his earlier vision of those formative years remains the same:

to create natural play environments for children which both inspire the imagination and make playtime as exciting and as fun as possible.

Just like the old days, Oliver and his dad Richard are a team again and are now considering buying an even older series 2A Land Rover as Cool Canvas's new company car!


What is the Giveaway? Here is some essential info from Oliver…

You have the opportunity to win a construction platform kit worth £1250 + vat


What is a construction platform and what does the kit include?

A construction platform is our latest EYFS concept it's a chunky raised platform that can sit in any play space or can be installed around a tree (Installing around a tree may require professional advice).  It comes with a kit that allows children to slot in wall panels, attach material, install pulleys and build their own steps.  And that's just the start.


The kit includes:

  • Wooden wall slats.
  • Material attachments.
  • 14mm mooring line and lanyard for pulley making.
  • 2 x box steps.
  • Material attachment hoops.
  • Wooden platform.  The structure is 600mm off the ground so it doesn't need to sit on a safety surface and it doesn't need to be concreted in to the ground. The size of the platform is 1200mm long x 1200mm wide (4ft x4ft).  





Please note the structure in this picture is a double tiered structure with tree house platform.  The competition is for a single platform

          How did the design come about?

  • For me the most exciting stage of a project is the process of creating. I enjoy looking at a structure when it's in its frame work stage and the thought of the building process that lies ahead.

    I love making junk sculptures with children and it’s this concept that led me to design this simple platform that acts as an open ended stage for problem solving activities.

    Can the kit be developed further?

    The platform kit is just the beginning I would suggest having piles of card, tape, string and material to hand, so children can develop the resource in their own way.  I think a loose set of small ladders or a step ladder are awesome and totally add to the excitement of the structure.




If you wanted to enhance the surface under foot I would recommend buying some bark from your local garden centre or better still a local tree surgeon and scatter around the base of the structure.

Come summer a nice idea is to attach hanging baskets to the upper legs to add some natural colour, texture and smell. 


“The construction platform has been an excellent addition to our outdoor environment, opening up a wide range of opportunities for the children.

There are three access routes to the platform at three different levels of physical development challenge. Successful building in the construction section requires teamwork and cooperation to add and remove the panels. The children love the fact that they can change the dynamic of the platform by adding and removing walls. The whole structure presents fantastic opportunities for children's imaginative play with hooks for adding materials as required.

Oliver and his team gave real thought to the structure and produced something which exceeded our initial request. The team are clear about the learning benefits that each element offers and we have no hesitation in recommending their work.”

 Alison Marshall

Head Teacher of Nevill Road Primary

How to win the platform…

To stand a chance of winning this Giveaway you can…

Leave a comment on this blog post and/or

Tweet a comment to @ABCDoes and/or

Leave a comment on the ABC Does Facebook page.

All comments must be received by noon on Saturday 22nd February 2014

The winner will be selected by random number generator and posted on the blog (this will be shared on Twitter and Facebook)

Once the winner's details have been confirmed then there will be a minimum 3 week delivery time from Cool Canvas (this will give the elves time to make it).

The structure will be delivered in individual parts.

To see more Cool Canvas inspirations you can log on to their website HERE (look out for thr Hobbit holes!)

Good Luck!



adminOutdoor Structure Giveaway – Cool Canvas

Comments 373

  1. emma

    My nursery would absolutely love this. We don’t have a garden attached to us but we have an allotment plot a few minutes walk away and this would make the environment that much better. Please consider us!

  2. jane@janekeelan.wanadoo.co.uk

    What a brilliant idea! Love that it is so open ended and will allow children the freedom to think and try out own ideas.

  3. Siobhan Murphy

    This is amazing and would offer endless enhancement opportunities. Only problem now is how I am going to manage to do everything with crossed fingers!!!

  4. Dee Jones

    We would love this at our school ( we are maintained and have very little funding). Our aim one day is to have a structure to develop gross motor and just fun learning. We could enhance it with tyres and all sorts. We could have fun too!

  5. Joanne

    Yes please, what a fantastic idea, so open ended not like the wooden “boats” etc that are in early years catalogues.

  6. ljottaway@hotmail.com

    Wow an amazing resource. Would be great for our outside area – we are developing it at the moment. I love the idea that the children could have a permanent structure but to change it into what they want one day a pirate ship the next day a castle. Thanks

  7. Jodie blackburn

    Our school is iin an area of social deprivation and we have no reaources for outdoors and no money it would make our children’s year to win this!

  8. Sarah Fletcher

    We would love this at our pre-school – it would really enhance the outdoor space which the children love spending time in.

  9. Julia wright

    Just started work as an nqt. Our setting had a fab outdoor space but a bit of a blank canvas, what an amazing structure for exploration and play!

  10. Lynne Stockley

    I would love this for my nursery! We desperately need more exciting things in my outdoor area and this would be a fantastic addition!!!!!

  11. Julie P

    A wonderful resource to let children’s imagination fly…..
    It would look perfect in our outside area .

  12. Claire Lowery

    What a fantastic giveaway! We’re looking to incorporate open-ended resources and equipment into our whole school playground and this would be FABULOUS!! What a great way to encourage problem solving and active learning :)

  13. Gillian Pykett

    Looks fantastic, my foundation class would love it, the opportunities are endless!! How exciting to be in with a chance to win one for them!!

  14. Alison Preston

    Yes please! Our outdoor area is looking dire and this would really help to brighten it up. Thanks

  15. Ruth

    This would be the most amazing start to developing the outdoors in our setting, bringing something sturdy yet so beautiful to our windy island would be fantastic…please consider us!

  16. Claire

    We really struggle in our outside area as it’s so small and awkwardly shaped. This would be a fantastic addition to it, the children love constructing and it would be so purposeful. I love that it’s a resource you can turn into so many different things. It could be the answer to so many projects!
    Ps. Thanks for such an inspiring blog!

  17. Lesley Smith

    As most have said this is a wonderful resource for any Early Years setting. I would love to win this for mine too.

  18. Elaine

    This looks fantastic and would be wonderful for our very sad outside space…..with 60 little creative thinkers, active learners and little explorers who need the outdoor space like they need air, the sky’s the limit!!!!!!!! Wow a truly amazing give away!!!

  19. Diane Taylor

    Please, please, please can we win this, the children in our nursery would be thrilled to have a construction platform, it looks amazing!

  20. eoliver1@marlow-infant.bucks.sch.uk

    What a great idea and I love the fact that the children can help to build it. We have some keen builders in our unit and they would absolutely love the challenge. Please pick us Alistair!!!! :)

  21. Kelly Shaw

    Would love to win this for our school! What an amazing and versatile piece of equipment. Our children would love it and would make great use of it. Imagine the possibilities!

  22. Vicky

    Its nice to see a structure that actually benefits the children – you can see its gives them the opportunity to use their imaginations and enhance their own learning and development.

  23. Christina Lundy

    This looks amazing! Such an exciting and engaging resource which would enhance any outdoor area…. I want one!!!!

  24. Pennie Jones

    We would really enjoy using our imaginations whilst playing with this. We’d make sure that it was given a great home here in Wales.

  25. Katherine

    This would be a great way to bring natural materials into my very urban outdoor area. Our EYFS section would LOVE to win this please.

  26. Sally Wright

    I would love to win this for my mixed age eyfs/ks1 class- struggling to finance improvements to our outdoor environment. Thank you!

  27. Sam@baldwinfamily.co.uk

    Oh my goodness our reception children would really really love this! It would be amazing!!!! Thank you for the

  28. Claire Doyle

    The opportunities for the children’s play using this equipment look endless, their imagination could turn it into anything. Would love it!

  29. Jo mills

    There is way too much plastic equipment in our nursery. This would be a wonderful addition and provide our children with so many outdoor learning opportunities!

  30. Kimberley Smith

    This would be so amazing to have in our outdoor area – exactly what we need to challenge and inspire children’s imaginations and gross motor skills.
    Kimberley Smith
    Thetford, Norfolk

  31. Joanne Nye

    Would love, love, love this. Our outdoor area is on our SDP as we really want to enhance the children’s learning opportunities. The natural resources used would promote wonderful discussions!

  32. Ema_hornby@yahoo.com

    Our reception co-hort is very active and thrive on a challenge! The possibilities are endless here! We are wanting to transform our Outdoor area. This would be a great starting point! Thanks

  33. Sharon Hobin

    Wow, this would really enhance our developing outdoor area and make us the envy of other providers. Hope it’s strong enough for me to get on because it looks really exciting x

  34. kjoynes8jr8@nsix.org.uk

    What a fantastic idea, a brilliant opportunity to get children working together and solving problems! We would love one!

  35. Kerry

    What a fantastic idea, a brilliant opportunity to get children working together and solving problems! We would love one!

  36. Michelle

    This would be perfect in for our Early Years setting!! The children loved the pirate ship we had for 5 years, though unfortunately in September 2013 it had to go! Health and safety! Please, please consider us

  37. Amy Nettle

    This would be an amazing opportunity for the children in my class and school. The children would love it!!

  38. Amy Nettle

    This would be an amazing opportunity for the children in my class and school. The children would love it!!

  39. Jo A

    I love the work of cool canvas and am dreaming of a whole play area transformed by structures such as this! Would be AMAZING to get us started by winning this.

  40. stephjohnston81@gmail.com

    How fantastic this would be in my Pre SChool garden to support their creative thinking and role play. I would love to win this and to make them extremely happy and to support their relationships with each other and to see them inspired in role play. Let us win so my little angels will sparkle.
    Many thanks Steph Johnston

  41. Amanda Griffiths

    This would be perfect for our preschool our garden has taken a battering with the recent bad weather.

  42. Faye

    This is great. The children in our school would love to have this. :-) this would really enhance our outdoor learning opportunities.

  43. juliet

    Yes please my nursery needs this as we seriously need to develop our outdoor area. It’s 80% plastic toys, so we really need a structure like this that the children can get involved and use their imagination with.

  44. Amber Ardern

    This would be amazing for our children. We have nothing like this and constantly make do in our outdoor area!

  45. Liz

    This looks amazing! About to embark on a reshuffle of our Reception outdoor area to accommodate our new intake of 90 and this would be brilliant!

  46. Gillian Reece-Jones

    I have come out of retirement to teach a lovely nursery class and enjoy reading your blog and books.
    This is a fabulous resource and would add tremendously to our outdoor provision.

  47. Zoe

    We are currently updating our outside area and this would be an asset especially for the boys imagine what they could develop with this in place

  48. Charlotte collard

    Ooh yes please. Would be a great addition as we are in the process of redesigning our outdoor area!

  49. Jenny Farr

    Wow, what a great idea this is – no doubt children of all ages would love it! We are looking to improve our Early Years outdoor area and this would be great!

  50. Charlotte Hewitt

    Natural resources are always much more inspiring especially open ended ones. Think I’ve met Oliver quotiing equipment before but there’s never enough in the budget for anything like this. Hope to win this beautiful wooden equipment.

  51. Gemma

    Wow! This would be amazing for us to win. Our outdoor resources are so limited this would really enhance opportunities for learning.

  52. Jennifer Carter

    I would love to win this for our outdoor area! It is an area that is definitely a weakness and with no money from the school to help us improve it, something like this would make an enormous impact! Fingers crossed!!

  53. Jenn

    The children where I work do not have gardens or access to safe outdoor play other than when they come to nursery, we would adore this !

  54. nicolaozdemir02@hotmail.com

    This is fabulous and the children at our school would love and greatly appriciate this too.

  55. Charlotte ormrod

    Wow this is an amazing educational resource that our eyfs outdoor area would defiantly appreciate. Finger crossed!!

  56. Emma Nicholas

    Fantastic structure which would be a great enhancement to our outdoor area which is currently a big focus and work on progress for us!!

  57. leanne mcdowell

    how amazing is this resource, creative and natural, i love the way the children can help to build it the way they would like it, and can you imagine how much language you would hear from children during their open ended role play. just lovely.

  58. Amber Dancey

    Please please please pick us!! We’re developing our outdoor area and this would make such an amazing addition to our area!
    Thank you

  59. Mel Hand

    Oh Wow, this looks amazing and would be perfect for our outdoor area – we are really focusing on developing the outdoors to further enhance the opportunities for our children who come from an area of high social deprivation and with little access to inspiring outdoor “playscapes”. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  60. Katherine Turner

    What a fantastic platform! My kids would love this – the older children share our playground, too, so it could be accessed by both EYFS and Key Stage 1. Fingers crossed!


    Well, being in the wonderful Lake District this platform would make a spectacular addition to our outdoor classroom…………I can already imagine my little angels ‘walking the plank’ and using this as a space wagon to escape those pesky aliens in underpants. I reckon there might even be a hiding place for some false teeth under those wooden steps!

  62. Carol

    What a fantastic give away ! Would love to win this for our Nursery children. We are in a new building and although we are very lucky to have soft play surface we have nothing “exciting” to develop risk taking, physical skills etc.

  63. sara

    Oh Wow, what an enhancement this would make to any setting. The children are always building dens and using wooden blocks. This would seem like heaven.

  64. Maisy Lee

    We have just moved the location of our school and this would really help the children to settle in! We would all (teachers, pupils and parents) LOVE this in the new garden

  65. Lyn Elston

    When the school you work in is in a socially deprived area, every little helps. This would be a welcome addition to our outdoor play provision area and the kids would love it – the idea of making it as magical and wonderful as your imagination will let it be is incredible. My school would love this resource :)

  66. Lorraine Stapleton

    This is an amazing and incredible generous give away! Our garden is an incredibly awkward shape but this would so help us with out physical, imaginative …. Every aspect!!! Best of luck everyone.

  67. Lorraine Stapleton

    It me again my iPad put in a capital letter where it shouldn’t have been ( Mann like so many parents teach upper case letters)

  68. Marie

    Would love to win this. The children would love it and get so much out of such an open ended resources.
    Everything’s crossed.

  69. Karen Jenks

    Hoping to revamp our outdoor area and our aim is to develop an area that encourages problem solving, communication and imagination so this would be ideal.

  70. Mikki Coates

    This would be a fabulous prize to win for our setting. It’s so versatile and provides so many learning opportunities for the children (and staff!)

  71. Marilyn Duggins

    This product scores highly on several counts – it is open ended so is interpretative, it is made of natural materials so will blend harmoniously in a garden area, and it can encourage creative imaginative construction. It would enhance enormously our new outside area.

  72. Laura Barwell

    Wow, looks fantastic! What a great enhancement to an outdoor area. Would love the opportunity to win this for my school.

  73. Linda Jay

    What a fantastic idea, my Pre-school children would just love this. As a committee run pre-school our parents have to fund raise very hard for the little things, so will take us a long time to be able to have this.

  74. sadie

    This looks amazing, this would be fantastic in our outdoor area! Our children would absolutly love this.

  75. joanne groves

    The vale primary school knottingley would love this in their nursery life…please also say it comes with installation from the hunky man!

  76. Chris

    I cannot begin to think how this structure would enhance our secret garden area and playground.
    This is just … … WoW! 10/10

  77. Katie Styles

    Would be amazing to have this in our outside area. Just what we need to help get the improvements started!!

  78. Charlie H

    This is just the kind of resource we would love to enhance our learning garden …..we have a very boy heavy year group who keep asking for ‘an upstairs’ in our role play area! ….this could be used in so many ways and they would love it!

  79. prestonbell@blueyonder.co.uk

    This looks like a fanstasticlly versatile product with pleanty of scope to get children and adults excited.
    would love the chance to develop this in our setting
    Caroline Preston Bell

  80. Jill Hutton

    Would love to add this to our outdoor area as an enhancement to our loose parts play! What a fab concept!

  81. Tara Anwar

    At Little Explorers we encourage children of all ages to explore and enjoy the open environment and all children are able to access the outdoor area throughout the year. The Construction Platform will enhance the existing outdoor environment at the nursery and the children will simply love it!

  82. Sheila Penny

    This looks fantastic!! I love the fact that the children can be creative over and over and over……we would make really good use of this resource!!!
    Thank you

  83. Tracey Trainor

    Fabulous idea empowering children to create their own space , love it and really would love to have it!!

  84. Vicky

    We have just changed to being an early years unit and have been looking at every aspect of the children’s learning, outdoors being a major one. We have been particularly interested in child led learning and open ended resources to support this, so the platform looks great!

  85. Fiona Greenwood

    We are at present raising funds to enhance our outdoor learning environment. We have just purchased a shed and a range of community blocks which of course has cleaned out our fund raising pot.
    You have to be in it to win to as they say! Thanks Alistair

  86. Rebecca Greenwell

    We are renovating our outdoor area for the nursery and reception children- this fit in perfectly!!Its fantastic!

  87. foliver@herbertstrutt.derbyshire.sch.uk

    An incredible piece of kit which would encourage our children to explore the world around them in a delightfully innovative way….I would relish the chance to join them on this too!!

  88. Razia

    I know 35 little people who would think of 100′s ways to use the construction platform. A really innovative ideaa

  89. Lucy Hanley

    What a great resource – might even stand up to the gales and sideways rain Plymouth seems to be permanently having these days! I think even our Year 6s would love to help Foundation with it!

  90. Kellie

    Wow! This takes construction to a whole new level, I can think of a few wannabe builders in my class who would absolutely love this :)

  91. Dawn Harris

    What a clever design- no concrete or safety surface. wonderful elf and safety won’t stop play here!! please please

  92. Markwhiston853@btinternet.com

    What fab ideas I would love to win this to help our nursery outside because it like a swamp at the moment x we r so eager to something with it

  93. Carol Wood

    I just love the look of that. I wonder what our children would want to turn it into first – a space ship, a cave, a castle, a ….. Oh just endless ideas I’m sure Just hope we win!

  94. Farzanah Rana

    I love it! This would be a fantastic resource to have in our outside area. We are always striving to expand our outdoor area and I think that all the children as well as adults would enjoy this resource immensly!

  95. Andrea Couzins

    You know Blackpool needs this, especially St John Vianney nursery…..we don’t have anything to climb on or find fairies in!!

  96. Elaine Gilroy

    This is fantastic, we would love to win this for our Early Years Department. Cool Canvas are truly inspirational. Fingers crossed.
    Thank you Alistair for providing this great give away, you too are an inspiration.

  97. snoo

    well if we had had this lovely lookout this week we would have been swimming to it! help us resurrect our garden from the floods….PICK US!

  98. Christina MacRae

    A structure like this would be absolutely fabulous in our inner city Bradford setting; it would provide the challenge we need to our adventurous climbers and problem solvers, and especially a group of children who are exploring how they can use ropes as pulleys, both for buckets as well as to pull themselves up to higher platforms.

  99. Emily Spencer

    This resource sounds incredible and with so many opportunities for play and learning. We are in the process of re-doing our outside area and have limited funding so a fantastic giveaway like this would be gratefully received! We have everything crossed!…

  100. Sue

    This looks amazing and just what we need to revamp our outdoor area. We are challenging ourselves to plan from the outdoors first this half term and a solid structure to work around would offer so many possibilities. Fingers crossed.

  101. Kathryn O'Connor

    My class are currently redesigning their outdoor area and one designed something very similar for in our wooded area, so would love to win this!!!!

  102. Kim

    Fantastic! Something to feed the imagination and creativity of our young children. I can just imagine the talk I would hear as they plan what o make and then discuss how they will do it and what additional bits and pieces they need to get!
    Fingers crossed for a lucky day!

  103. Charlotte Courtenay

    Wow what a lovely open ended play space. This would be a lovely replacement for the garish, plastic climbing frame and play space we currently have in our developing outdoor area.

  104. Joycelyn

    The children here at our school would go crazy having a play equipment like this in our play area.
    The idea and the design is excellent.
    Its a great play equipment any school would need for their children.
    Great Idea!!

  105. Sue Barton

    This looks great and would replace the kindly donated plastic climbing frame we have as part of our action to replace all plastic play items with natural resources

  106. clare smith

    Amazing Amazing and Amazing, the children in my fs unit will have their hard hats on ready to help build.

  107. Emma

    I just love this! So great to find companies who really understand how to push the boundaries of children’s playing and learning! Would just love to win one!

  108. Kirsten Dodd

    What a fantastic vision from Oliver:
    to create natural play environments for children which both inspire the imagination and make playtime as exciting and as fun as possible.
    I really share his philosophy, and see endless opportunities for using the cool canvas construction platform in any setting.
    Thank you Alistair for featuring it on your blog.

  109. jude

    We would love this structure we make things out of paletts we have just made a stage, this would be so much better.

  110. Sarah

    What a great open-ended natural resource for the children, would love to give it a home! Fingers crossed and good luck everyone, Sarah

  111. Michelle Pearce

    We are looking at developing our outdoor area but funding is an issue. Our school would LOVE to win this!

  112. joy

    My preschoolers have great imaginations with the asphat playground we provide but I would love to grace them with something

  113. Liz Lees

    Hello, I have just recently returned to EYFS after teaching in KS2! I am currently trying to design our outdoor area with the help of the children, and this structure would be just perfect for all their amazing ideas! We have pirate ship look outs, Rapunzel’s castle…… Thanks for the opportunity to win it, fingers crossed!

  114. Linsey Morrison

    What an amazing prize, the reception children and I would love to have one of these in our garden! Good luck everyone!

  115. alicejames99@hotmail.com

    I am too embarrassed to post a picture of our current outdoor area (post high speed winds and mass scooter crash…) but trust me, we would have a huge party to celebrate winning this lovely prize.

  116. Catherine Horton-Hale

    Wow! What a fantastic resource!
    It’s very hard to say one group of children over another ‘deserve’ to win so I’ll add that we would absolutely love to add the construction platform to our outside space, (which is very much at present, a work in progress), and that our fantastic team would use it brilliantly to bring learning to life and create new experiences for our amazing and talented learners for whom school, for many of them, is the most stabilising and consistent part of their lives due to the cards society has handed them. We try to make every day the best day of their lives so far. It would make a difference.

  117. nuala enright

    this is amazing, what a fantastic structure, the children of all ages and abilities would love this and it would really encourage their interest and love of the outdoors

  118. Danii

    This is simply fantastic! Can only imagine the play and creations that could come from this resource!! Would love to win it for our Early Years Team!

  119. griffin.k@welearn365.com

    We are redeveloping our outside area and this is exactly the vision \I was trying to explain to our landscape designer/builder!

  120. Kirsty Baker

    Wow! What a fantastic resource. Our EYFS team consisting of 112 nursery and reception aged children would love this :-)
    Fingers crossed!!

  121. Katharine Humphreys

    Amazing!!! Would love to win this for our Nursery. The children would be so excited to have this in our outdoor area!

  122. Jane

    This would look cool in our bare playground – I’m here looking for ideas to engage children. This is just what I need!!!

  123. Karen

    This looks wonderful, I think it would be well used with some fantastic imaginative play developing around it.

  124. Helen M

    This sounds a brilliant idea. I read about a project, I think in Denmark, where local children have a space and resources to build their own dens throughout the summer which they then take apart at the end of the season. It’s a great idea but this sounds much more manageable in our small space. Would be lovely to win it.

  125. Kathryn Hodkinson

    Wow what an amazing piece of outdoor equipment. We are in the middle of revamping our outdoor learning environment and have already created our own mud kitchen. This addition would be phenomenal!

  126. Vicky Ferguson

    This is a fantastic kit. Can see so many uses for it in our ever growing nursery. This would enhance our much needing developed outdoor space.

  127. mandy bulley

    What a fantastic bit of kit! I have just discovered the website and will be back……. Makes CPD fun

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