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How do you fancy getting your hands on one of these from the lovely people at TTS?


I really like it because even though it is a till, it is ambiguous enough that it could be a variety of contraptions depending on who was using it.

Of course, as adults we can identify it as a shop till. Although, how many shop tills look like this one? When I am standing at the self service till in Tesco (being told that there is an unexpected item in my bagging area), I am not looking at anything like this. So lots of our children may not know what it is as they have never seen one like it.


Don't forget that children can only role play with the language and experience that they have got in their head. So if you create a role play area that is full of gorgeous objects that the children don't recognise or don't have language for, then you are not facilitating effective role play.

Good role play allows children to practise, imagine and rehearse
problems and possibilities before they happen. Lots of opportunity to do this
will equip children not with the solutions to every eventuality they will come
up against, but the strategies for problem solving and a wealth of experience
to draw upon. Role playing with other children not only reinforces social
interactions but gives of the children involved the opportunity to learn about
the thoughts, reactions and strategies of others, which will in turn enhance
their own.


 Over structuring and theming of role play
spaces can significantly get in the way of children developing these skills. It
is difficult to expect children to be able to explore and make sense of their
own personal experiences when they are being asked to do it in a Garden Centre or the Post Office! Although, theming around interest can add value
to a role play experience, it should be an enhancement to your provision and
not the provision in it’s entirety.


For a real quality role play experience you
need to provide lots of opportunities for social interaction and objects that
will promote open ended play. What is crucial is that the children have lots of
opportunities to interact and socialise, that their imaginations can run wild
and take a leap – if that is what they want to do. 

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So, for me this 'till of loveliness' would be an enhancement to your open ended role play. Something that you could put into a box or basket themed around 'shopping' that would enhance your open ended role play.

Having said that if someone came along and took it out of the 'shopping' box to use it as a control panel in the Tardis, on their space ship or to type in a secret spy code to open a locked door –  that would be fantastic. (no shouting over and telling them to put it back in the 'shop' box would be allowed!)

The great thing about good role play spaces is that all of those things have the potential to be happening at the same time.

So, to win this till all you have to do is…

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All entries must be made by Midday on Sunday 3rd November 2013. The winner will then be drawn by a random number generator.

Good Luck


adminTTS Giveaway – Wooden Till for Role Play

Comments 119

  1. Nicola Carter

    I would love one of these for my reception class.
    I am booked on to one of your courses in December, can’t wait to come!

  2. Leah

    This would be perfect for our open ended role play and box play which we changed since seeing you speak at our development day!! Trying to “thrill will skill” whilst looking for those “willy nipping moments”!!

  3. Katherine

    Would love this till; it’s so much nicer than the primary coloured plastic things you get everywhere nowadays…

  4. Tracey Cansdale

    We’ll made comments on need for adults to interact rather than control. Would like to be in the draw.

  5. Tracey Cansdale

    Well made comments on need for adults to interact rather than control. Would like to be in the draw.

  6. Mar

    Have primed my nursery nurses for the start of our deconstructed roleplay…this would be lovely in our enhancement box!

  7. Alison Cook

    I saw a till just like the above yesterday when I took my shoes to be repaired in a cobbler shop, where I could pick up the children I care for during the day and let them see the equipment he was using. Children do have experiences beyond the supermarket. In fact some children never make it to the supermarket as their parents shop on line!
    What really does amaze me is the way children recognise toy telephones for what they are. How does a 1 year old walk up to an ancient yet classic fisher price phone and recognise it as the perfect medium for communicating with his mother?

  8. steph johnston

    I would love to win one of these for my Pre School to support the children s imagination and creativity.

  9. rosanna mcgladdery

    I love shopping! We’re having a shop as our next enhancement in reception and another till would be great! :)

  10. Sophie Taylor

    Great piece of kit and looks much plainer (and therefore more versatile) than the usual plastic ones…and I bet the drawer doesn’t stick all the time either! Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. Sara

    Oh wow, a till that looks like a till. This would truely enhance the adults development never mind the children.

  12. Tammy

    more food for thought – think we are often guilty of over-theming our roleplay areas. I know of very few children who have seen over the counter of a post office or been in a travel agents!

  13. Suzanne Phillips

    @Nicola Carter. I have always enjoyed Alistair’s courses. Very witty delivery and really inspiring.
    And yes please, I would love a wooden till to share with the reception year teacher.

  14. Gill

    What a natural til, not like modern technology, just the numbers say it all, how open ended play could be with the til be.

  15. Michelle

    Thanks to your blog we have completely overhauled our role play provision this year- no themes (other than enhancements relating to the children’s interests), lots of fabric, boxes, washing lines etc… It’s been fabulous to watch the children enjoying the area and would thoroughly recommend it to all early years practitioners.

  16. Angela Emerton

    Yes please would love in my classroom & am already thinking of different ways to use it. Thank you cx

  17. Jayne C

    Looks great and I like your range of possibilities for its use!
    Having it look so different to the usual brightly coloured shop tills is a bonus too.

  18. caroline Coe

    that looks fantastic! we are having a shop role play area after the holiday so this would be perfect!

  19. Charlotte

    Another lovely open-ended resource! We would love to win one – they are much more intriguing than a usual plastic version.

  20. Janet O'Donnell

    Brilliant sturdy and tactile design – this would be a hugely popular resource in our setting!

  21. Thelighthousekeepersgirl

    Hi, I have just stumbled across your ‘abc does’ blog this evening for the first time after hearing your name mentioned by a colleague after she attended a conference and haven’t put my ipad down for past few hours! My youngest son just fell asleep next to me waiting for me to put him to bed, naughty mummy! Thank you for such an inspiring write. I’m an early years advisor so preach what you are writing on a daily basis but your words and pictures are enthusiasm for my soul. Thank you. I will be back for more and have already emailed my manager this evening with a request for your continuous provision book. Great site.

  22. Lee Herdman

    fantastic, would love to be entered. One of my best used role play corners was a ‘Smoothy Cafe’ – got tonnes of capacity out of it, lots of real fruit and tools, lots of PD with the chopping and mashing and mixing, money, technology, EAD and literacy (with posters advertising daily specials, menus, ingredients lists etc…

  23. Chris

    I’d like to use it as a learning provocative – place
    it on the floor in the centre of the room … stand back … and watch!

  24. Sally Pursey

    The children in our foundation stage unit would love this, it would make a great rocket launch control panel or anything else they can think of and, believe me, they will come up with some really creative uses for it and no one will say ‘put it back in the shop.’

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