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I can't believe it is already a month since the last TTS giveaway. How time flies, especially as we hurtle towards Christmas at breakneck speed. In every setting I have been into recently, there has been a slightly frazzled looking teacher in the hall shouting 'Slow down and speak up'! 

This week I also confirmed that there will definitely be an ABC Does… Australia tour this summer. I have been asked to be a keynote speaker at the Inspired EC conference (details here) out there in August and am going to be delivering ABC Does conferences and training for the 4 weeks leading up to that all over Australia. All of the details of 'what' and 'where' will be on the Inspired EC website. I am looking forward to finally meeting some of my Australian blogging buddies!

Now for this months giveaway…

Last month it was a till, this month it is a tool kit – and a bit gorgeous it is too!


To stand a chance of getting your hands on it, all you have to do is…

Leave a comment on this blog post and/or on my Twitter account (@ABCDoes) and/or the ABC Does Facebook page. You need to do this before midday on Saturday 7th December 2013. As always, I will use a random number generator to pick the winner. Good Luck!

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Two funny things happened to me in the last couple of weeks. The first was in the staffroom of a school (which shall remain nameless). I was shown into said staffroom and asked to wait for the Early Years Coordinator. There was only me and two other members of staff in there, and they were sitting at the opposite end of the room (the room wasn't big). 

In a whisper that should have been quieter, one said to the other 'Who's he?' The other one replied 'He's the bloke for Early Years' to which the first one whispered (with some indignance) 'Him?! She said he was  dead fit. He's not fit!' At which point they both got up and left.

Funny on so many levels, not least that anyone would describe me as 'dead fit'!

Anyway, that same week TTS contacted me to ask if they could give me away in their new catalogue. 

If you order Early Years resources before the end of January you stand the chance to win me. This would be for a days EYFS consultancy you understand, it is not some male escort business that they have set up (which is probably just as well as I am not 'dead fit')!

Look out for the 2014 catalogue for all of the details.

Have a great week. Remember, it's only a Christmas play! (Deep breaths and count to 10!)

Good luck with winning the tool box.

I am off for a spray tan, botox and a collagen peel!


adminTTS Giveaway – Wooden Tool Kit and Me!

Comments 91

  1. Sarah snowball

    Can’t wait for the conference in Feb! This tool box is lovely, would be great in our big wooden block construction site!

  2. Rebecca jewkes

    That toolbox is beautiful! I’d love the chance to “win” you! Enter me please and I will get ordering!

  3. Sylvia

    I can’t compete with Rebecca’s invitation! But would love to win the toolbox, I can see the girls being as enthusiastic as the boys to play with such a beautiful resource.


    Beautiful tools that are not the standard primary colours! Look sturdy too. Just what we need.

  5. snoo

    Are you seeing Sherri and Donna when you’re over? Have followed their blog for some time. Australia seems to be pinching all our good stuff….make sure you come back!
    oh and p.s. wood love the wood!

  6. Sally

    I’m the nutter from Stockport who asked you to write “I love you” in your book. Wondering if anyone else has ever done this? Obviously this was because of your amazing “fitness” and not because you had totally inspired me to make huge changes to our setting. Would love the wooden toolbox- perhaps engraved with a special message this time?

  7. Hettie

    Love it! Both the post and the toolbox!
    I’ll be finding some EY resources to order from TTS I think! As for the ‘He’s dead fit’ comment – there are just so many things people not working in Early Years don’t understand… ;-)

  8. Alison

    Oh my that is too funny….did you act like you hadn’t heard, I can’t imagine you didn’t have a wee snigger! I found myself telling the wooly sheep that they were about to squash Jesus this week and Mary had a bit of a meltdown…only in early years.

  9. Leah

    As always would love to win! This would add to our construction site which has been up for almost 8months but only because we have a construction site next door so the opportunities and interest is amazing!

  10. jude

    Would love this set as we use real tools under supervision and plastic fantastic ones are just too nasty to leave them with as an alternative

  11. Karen Cox

    This looks brilliant! Would love to have toolbox. And I can’t believe the rudeness of the ladies in the staffroom!!

  12. Suki

    Love the tool box! My class absolutely love wooden blocks so I think they’d really enjoy this new addition. Fingers and toes are crossed!

  13. Sharon Hobin

    Would love this to add to our deconstructed role play area and would also love to win you for a day, even if you’re not ‘dead fit’!!, really he the school can identify themselves, the 2 teachers will be horrified to learn that they need to work harder on their whispering skills!

  14. Sharon wood

    Our children would love the tool box! Fab day at Early Years Fresh Eyes this week – understand thingson a deeper level each time i hear you x

  15. Alison

    We would be very pleased to win the toolkit. We’d also love to win the days consultancy but I’ve got to persuade HT to part with some £. : /

  16. Lydia Pryor

    I have just ordered a very disappointing plastic tool kit, which is already broken and left my children very unimpressed……

  17. Sarah

    Was just thinking the other day that we need some new tools, ours are very well used! These would be perfect!

  18. Carly

    Enjoy Australia…so many briliant early years blog based out there. We would love to win the toolbox and wouldnt say no to you either.

  19. Laura R

    Lovely tool kit! My children would to ‘fix’ my classroom with it!
    Brilliant advice on this website – Thank you!

  20. Sheila

    Our children would love this toolkit! Please enter us in the draw!,,
    The chance of winning you for the day is an offer we can’t refuse!! I’ll check out the catalogue!,,,

  21. Carol

    You sure the Aussies haven’t tricked you into taking part in a new show “I’m an Early Years consultant….get me out of here!”
    Love the tool box (and the chance to win you from TTS)

  22. Kristabel

    This post made me smile on a Monday afternoon taking a break from data!
    Would love to win the wooden tool box for our Foundation Stage Children, would be shared between F1 and F2

  23. Natalie

    Our setting would love this toolbox, we are trying to replace all our ‘plastic tat’ (that the children love!) with wooden equivalents!

  24. Catherine

    The builders are busy behind our outside play area so our children are re-enacting everything they see and hear. The toolbox would enhance their activities really well.

  25. jayne jones

    I would love the wooden tool box too please, we are just revamping our Reception classes and are now team teaching and using lots of iddeas from this site.

  26. caroline Coe

    that looks amazing… I can think of about 20 little ones in my class who would love it and it will fit our ‘jobs’ theme very we’ll!

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